A Deck Off A Deck
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Above left (BEFORE): Here is a shot of the area beneath the existing deck coming out the back door. Our customer wanted to make the gravel area below a bit more useable with the intention of adding a jacuzzi at some point. The gravel just wasnÕt very welcoming.

Above right (AFTER): This is the same view when we finished. The decking is 5/4 X 6 Pressure treated which would not have been my choice but matched what was on the upper deck so we stuck with it.

Above left (BEFORE): A view from the other direction shows the existing stairs landing on the gravel. The finished level of the patio was determined by the height of the second step.

Above right (AFTER): Now you can see the new decking at the same level of the second step. We just cut off the stair stringers at the right height and rested them on the new framing. We even saved the post and railing!

Above left (BEFORE): This shot shows the access door to the area under the existing deck. We had to provide an area to allow continued access to this door in the new plan.
Above right (AFTER): Taken from above you can see the two short steps we made to provide this access.

Above left (BEFORE): This is the existing outside shower that with these planters really didnÕt offer total privacy for taking real showers. We incorporated a new design into the new patio.

Above middle (AFTER): A little different view from the before picture but you can see that the red cedar boards offer a bit more privacy. A curtain will be hung on the entrance side. We widened the access away from the shower entrance so you could get in without bumping your head on the angled wall above.

Above right (AFTER): Another view of the right side of the shower stall lets you see what it really looks like.

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