Large Decks
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(1) Here is the deck before we started. It was 14' X 32' built almost 15 years ago. It may have lasted another 15 years but it made no sense to add on to it. (2) This is another shot from the opposite end. The large bush had to be removed as well as the grass under the intended deck extension.

(3) With the old deck removed we can now layout the locations for the 5' deep footings for the deck posts. I thought a shot of me in the hole might provide a little comic relief. We dug seven, two-foot diameter holes! (4) We managed to remove the deck in a morning. The landscaper worked right along with us so we both finished at the same time. I never attach decks to the shingles or clapboards so all the shingles had to be removed. (5) Now that the shingles have been removed we have attached the first 2 X 12 ledger to the house 63' long. The vertical spacers provide water drainage between the deck and the house.

(6) This is the beginning of the deck frame. Fifty-two fourteen-foot pressure treated 2 X 12's took all day to put up. It was 90 degrees that day. (7) I really liked this picture at the time, it was a beautiful day and this was the first time we actually went into the house to take in the new deck size. We had to look at that water all summer!!! (8) Here is the deck considerably further along. The covered 6 X 6 posts are in place. All the 4 X 4 Mahogany posts had been bolted in place and the stairs installed. We also applied the pre-painted perimeter fascia concealing the pressure treated framing.

(9) In addition to building the new deck we also replaced the large Anderson wood picture/casement window unit with new Permashield units. This is a shot of the old windows removed and the openings revealed. (10) How's this shot? This is a view looking out the dining room through the hole we created after removing the old Anderson Wood Casement/
Picture unit in preparation for the new French door. (11) Here is a view from the outside. The door is ready to go in.

(12) The windows and door are in and the new shingles are installed around everything. Next year we plan on stripping and replacing the windows above so we're stopping just above the new windows. (13) The finished deck.

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