Jack and Brenda Arnold, Marblehead, MA
When Jack and Brenda contacted me to discuss remodeling their third floor I could hardly wait to get involved. It's not very often I get to build totally custom cabinetry and as I understood their wishes there was definitely going to be some challenging cabinetwork. All the existing cabinets and counters were perfectly useful but not conducive to the ideal use that they dreamed of.

After a couple meetings I generated a floor plan and cabinet drawings for approval. Once we all agreed on the final layout and design we went ahead. There was a twenty six-foot long one-piece countertop that had to be fabricated entirely on the third floor. The large base corner unit also had to be fabricated up there. The rest of the cabinetry was built entirely in our shop.

As I began designing the cabinets and counters I introduced curves into the concept. Jack and Brenda seemed to like this concept and I knew that as I was putting a curve here and a curve there I was increasing the difficulty for us in the cabinet shop. Each cabinet with a curved was going to need a curved face frame. Curved front shelves also needed curved nosings. The countertops above the curved base cabinet also needed a curved nosing. As the 26' long counter changed depths I designed in free-flowing curved transition. All these curves required us to construct clamping jigs for each. We spent three days gluing and clamping just the nosings.

An interesting area for us was the curved base and wall units. After they were installed with the countertop attached we had a hard time looking at the curve above and below with the square corner of the wall between them. Mike suggested that we curve the wall so we did and what a difference it made. Jack described the final look as "sexy."

Herlihy Electric of Marblehead performed all the electrical work. Mini halogen lights were installed under the long shelves spanning between the wall cabinets. New lighting was installed above the pool and ping-pong table area. Floor receptacles were fished installed in the new sitting area. Phone and cable lines were re-located.

McDaid did all the painting work. All the walls were painted with two coats of latex. Cabinets and doors received three coats of oil base semi-gloss.

(Click on each photo for a full-sized version. Match captions left to right.)

A single six-foot tall cabinet with four adjustable shelves and full height doors replaced the Drafting table and cabinet above.

The Long window wall now features a 32" deep cabinet under the TV, which allowed us to add a bookshelf. Open shelves were provided above and to the right of the TV.

This corner was very exciting for all of us to create. The base and wall units were constructed in the room, as they were too big to bring up the stairs. The base cabinet features two curved shelves, which appear to be unsupported. The backs of both units are curved with the same radius. All the shelf and counter nosings were each laminated in our shop in custom fabricated molds. Notice also that the wall surface between the two cabinets is curved. With curves being somewhat of a design element of this project the custom bookshelf placed along side the railing was greatly influenced. This turned out to be a challenging yet rewarding piece for us to make.

Also featured in the previous photos the new "Computer/Sewing Area". We completely re-designed this area to offer a dedicated computer workstation and sewing area. The sewing machine is stored in the customer corner cabinet. This counter also features a custom curved nosing in the computer corner. New lighting was installed above the new home of the pool/ping pong table.

Here you can see the 26' long custom countertop with the curved nosings following the change in countertop depths.

Testimonial Letter On This Project From The Homeowner.

-- Jack Arnold, Marblehead, Massachusetts

Twenty-three years ago my wife and I built our "dream" house. The war stories we tell about that experience work me up even to this day. Then two-and-a-half years ago we experienced a more moderate version of home-building nightmares as we remodeled a Marblehead home that we had just purchased. So it was with a history of difficult experiences that I entered into a third-floor remodeling cabinetry project with Haggett & Co. I know you've probably already guessed where this is going since I'm writing it, but rest assured that I am more than eager to do it, since the experience was so surprisingly pleasant and pleasurable for me.

I happen to be one of those conservative types that likes all the "i's" dotted and the "t's" crossed. Precisely because of the above-referenced past grief I was grateful that Paul and Mike didn't rush the planning stage of the project. They added insight from their past experience to aspects of the project that my wife and I hadn't considered and made it better. Drawings of each cabinet were made and attached to a thoroughly detailed contract. On construction jobs I have grown to dislike surprises and found such attention to detail in the planning stage of a project both rare and reassuring. To me it was an indicator of the quality of the people I was dealing with. It proved to be a valid one. The end product exceeded our hopes and validated the efforts we went to. And throughout it all, it was a pleasure to interact with them.

It is all-too-rare today to find your expectations met let alone exceeded. I think I have some reasonably high standards. Haggett & Co. did meet and often exceed them. Are they inexpensive? No, I wouldn't say that. Do they provide value? You betcha! And that is the real bottom line of a job's outcome. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Paul Haggett.

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